Guangzhou International
Bio-Technology Expo

Guangzhou International Biotechnology Convention

2019 Guangzhou International Biotechnology Convention will be held in Guangzhou in August 2019. This event is hosted by China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST), China Protein Drug Quality Alliance, Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise Association, Guangdong Bio-Industry Association, Shenzhen Biological Medicine Promotion Association, Genomics Industry Alliance and Zhenwei Exhibition Group, and supported by many industry associations, organizations and enterprises. It is an influential bio-industry event in China.

The 2019 convention consists of five major sessions. Domestic and foreign business, academic, and political leaders will be invited to attend and discuss the hot topics and trends in the bio-industry chain, integrating policy orientation, market investment, technology research and development, and clinical applications.

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May 24, Friday  14:00
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