Exhibit Profile

Lab Tech & Equipment

Cell culture systems,chemistry analyzer,bioimaging systems,biochips,HPLC,purification systems,reagent,accessories and consumable material,Lab IT, GLP/GMP, clean room,etc.

▷ Biotech Services

Genetic testing, stem cell, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, protein related services , immunology, CRO/CMO, technical training and HR, etc.

▷ Medical Laboratory & IVD

Diagnostic instrument, reagent and accessories for clinical chem, immunoassay, MDx, microbiology, blood diagnosis, urine diagnosis, cytologic & POCT


Fermentation, cell culture, cell reactors, separation & filtration, saccharification, extraction & purification, instrument and automation, liquid, EP tech ,etc.

▷ Biopharma Ingredients

Raw material, enzyme, excipients, additives, stabilizer, antibody, testing suites, starch sugar, saccharomyce, amino acid, natural extracts, etc.

▷ Quality Management & Safety

QM analysis, particle measuring, evaluation, viscometer, analysis system of sugar chain & carbohydrates, stability assessment, amino acid analyzer, etc.