Trade visitors with great success in BTE 2019

BTE 2019 attracted 17,891 professional visitors from the world increased by 37%.

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42 groups with 1,862 visitors from associations, universities, research institutes, industrial parks, large manufacturing enterprises, technology companies, medical and health came to BTE 2019.
Buyers' Comments

Above 100 trade visitors from our association are organized to BTE 2019. We think that BTE is very successful. We are confident about the future of the biopharma in the Guangdong province and Guangzhou city.

We can find many visitors in BTE focus on the biotechnology. In Guangdong, biopharma plays the very important role and many universities are working on the R&E for it.

Feel great to BTE and come again! I am working on the antibody drugs and BTE is a very good chance to build the better relations between research and industry chain. As a professional platform, BTE is right to the South China bioindustry.